The story

Created 9 years ago on the simple observation that decision-makers, project leaders had more and more needs that required constant market monitoring, the BigBoss provides a solution for bringing together solution providers and project leaders.

The concept was to adapt the model of speed dating in love to adapt it to a business and BtoB format.

The founder wanted to focus on human interaction while providing a solution adapted to the current requirements of the business world.
What could be better than a physical encounter to bring business to life and allow this connection necessary to do business together.


A business format adapted to the Digital sector in which each player finds:

  • An obvious time saving with datings of 7 min each
  • A clear and relevant value proposition
  • An enriching networking moment

THE business networking solution that boosts your ROI and your networking capital!


A schedule of qualified meetings

A unique and unprecedented project qualification model based on match-making algorithms to generate the most relevant business meeting schedules possible between analysis of decision-makers' projects and solutions proposed by service providers.

Providers have multiple opportunities to pitch their solutions to responsive and needy decision makers.



A great time saver

For the service provider, the relevance between the offer and the needs of the decision-maker and the professionalism he will demonstrate during his meeting determine what happens next. On the decision-maker's side, the suitability of their needs and the relevance of the solution play a very big role in their decision-making. In addition, the human and the feeling in the meeting between the two interlocutors will mark the difference.

Human exchange, at the heart of the business decision-making process.

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